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I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into my case. When it comes to work comp cases I can clearly see you are a very good employee advocate. I believe you do this work, not just for the money, but for the satisfaction you receive when you have helped someone “win’ a case”. So again I say thank you.

I will definitely keep you in mind if I ever need legal representation in the future. I will also ‘highly’ recommend you to my acquaintances and friends if they are ever in need of legal assistance. Thanks again for a triumphant outcome of my case. — Dave, Blue Springs, MO

We would hire Paul again.

Mr. Evans did a great job for my husband and myself. He worked to get us the best possible outcome on our car accident. We also hired him two years later for an injury our sustained at a swimming pool. He’s very compassionate and understanding.


What is a Personal Injury

Personal injury covers any wrong or damage done to another in his person, property, rights, or reputation. Injuries can happen at work, in a traffic accident, because of a faulty product or a faulty repair, because of a mistake during medical treatment, or because you slipped and fell on pavement or on a wet floor. The injury can be physical or psychological, but, to have a case, it must occur due to the negligence or unreasonably unsafe actions of your employer, a manufacturer, your doctor, your landlord, or some other person or organization who owes you a duty of ordinary care. Contact Blue Springs Law Office your personal injury lawyer in Historic Downtown Blue Springs, MO.

Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity. Thus, personal injury lawyers tend to be especially knowledgeable and have more experience with regard to the area of law known as tort law, which includes civil wrongs and economic or non-economic damages to a person’s property, reputation, or rights.
Even though personal injury lawyers are trained and licensed to practice virtually any field of law, they generally handle cases that fall under tort law including, but not limited to: work injuries, automobile and other accidents, defective products, medical mistakes, slip and fall accidents, and more.
The expression “trial lawyers” can refer to personal injury lawyers, even though most cases handled by personal injury lawyers settle rather than going to trial. Cases involving serious injury may require filing a lawsuit and proceeding toward litigation in order to reach a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, we will be very well-prepared to go to trial to present your case to a jury of your peers in order to recover a just reward of damages for you.


By hiring BLUE SPRINGS LAW OFFICE as your legal representative, you get personal attention and a dedicated team of staff who are dedicated to getting the best result possible for your particular case. WE ARE LOCAL – not across the state like the big advertisers. WE ARE FOCUSED – by maintaining a smaller, boutique presence in Eastern Jackson County Missouri, we are able to give your case personalized attention and dedication not possible with a large firm juggling a large volume of cases that detract from the focus and personal attention your case deserves. WE ARE ACCESSIBLE – with a long-term, experienced and committed staff, we will get to know you personally, and you will have a team of staff to maintain consistent contact with concerning your case.  WE ARE EXPERIENCED – Paul E. Evans has been successfully representing victims of personal injury in the Kansas City Area for more than 20 years. WE GET RESULTS – We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, whether they were injured on the job (through the Workers Compensation system) or by someone else’s negligence. WE HAVE SATISFIED CLIENTS – We offer award-winning client satisfaction for both service and results.

Personal injury involves injury to the body, mind or emotions, but not to property. Some of the more common types of personal injury cases are:
• car accidents
• truck accidents
• accidents at work
• slip and fall
• animal bites
• defective products
• assaults
• medical malpractice
• wrongful death
If someone else was negligent you may be compensated for past and future medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, emotional suffering and other losses. In these type of cases, BLUE SPRINGS LAW OFFICE will only take an attorney fee if you receive compensation for your harm. We also offer a free consultation for personal injury and workers compensation claims.

1. TALK TO NO ONE—Do not talk to anyone about your accident except your own lawyers or investigators. You should always require identification so that you are sure who you are talking to. Don’t even talk to your own insurance company or to any lawyers hired by your own insurance company without notifying your attorney.
2. RECORD OF COMPLAINTS—Please keep a daily or weekly record of your complaints and progress. This can be very helpful because, a year later, you will be able to recall your pain and difficulties more vividly.
3. YOUR DOCTOR—You should return to each of your doctors as often as necessary and should always tell them about all your com¬plaints. You should not minimize your ailments to your doctors as it is one of the best ways for them to know how to treat you. If you see any additional doctors, be sure we are advised immediately of their names and addresses.
4. REGULAR CONTACT WITH YOUR ATTORNEY’S OFFICE—Someone from your attorney’s office may call you regularly to find out how you’re doing. You will recognize her voice. Please cooperate with her fully.
5. WAGES AND EARNINGS LOST—Please keep an accurate record of all days lost from work because of your injuries.
6. MEDICAL BILLS—Obtain and duplicate copies of all medical, hos¬pital, and drug bills. You should periodically send these bills to your attorney for their file. Also keep a record of any other expenses you may have in connection with your accident, such as the hiring of extra help. All your bills should be paid by check, and you should obtain and keep receipts. You should make and keep a list of all your medical bills and the costs incurred in going to the doctor.
7. CAR REPAIR—Do not have your automobile repaired until you are sure that we have obtained pictures of it. After pictures are taken by this office, have your collision insurance carrier repair your car. Call us if you don’t have pictures, so we may have them made. If you need help against your own insurance company, call us and we will be glad to help.
8. TRAFFIC OFFENSES—Never plead guilty to any traffic offense and if you are arrested in connection with this accident, call one of the lawyers in the office immediately and we will see that someone rep¬resents or advises you. In the event of a coroner’s inquest or other type of hearing, be sure to notify this office so that we will be able to represent you in connection with this inquest.
9. WITNESSES—Furnish to us immediately the correct names, ad¬dresses, and telephone numbers of any and all witnesses you may learn of.
10. SAVE YOUR CAST—If your injury requires a cast, brace, traction, or other appliance, save it for evidence at trial. You should notify us that you are keeping these things and when the case is set for hearing, you should bring these items with you.
11. PHOTOGRAPHS—Send us the negatives and prints of any photo¬graphs pertaining to your case which you or any of your friends have taken. If you are required to be in the hospital and are receiving any type of treatment, like traction or physical therapy, please notify your attorney’s office so that we can have your attorney’s investigator photograph you.
12. HOSPITAL AND DOCTOR BILLS—Have your own insurance carrier pay as many hospital and doctor bills under the payment provisions of your policy as possible. You should also have your hospitalization insurance, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, pay as much of your bills as possible. Doctors and hospitals are more cooperative when their bills are paid. You should not expect them to wait until your case is tried or settled to receive payment. You should, there¬fore, pay any balance as soon as possible.
13. QUESTIONS—Your attorney will probably not contact you until they have something definite to report. They will be contacting you for depositions, answers to interrogatories, and when your case goes to trial, which may be in excess of one year from the time the suit is filed. If you have any specific questions with regard to these instructions or any other matters with regard to your case, please call or write your attorney.
14. YOUR ADDRESS—Be sure to keep your attorney’s office advised of any change in your address or telephone number. Please do not come in expecting to see one of the attorneys without an appointment. They will be happy to see you, but simply can’t see all of your their clients at the same time. So, call for an appointment—that way you will not be kept waiting.

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