Is it legal for seperated spouse to use a checking account that is in the other persons name?

My wife and I are seperated, living in the same house, we have seperate checking accounts, but she is trying to use my account to pay her bills. I did not authorize the transactions, and do not wish to pay her bills. Is there anything I can do about it, other than contact my bank and change accounts?

Paul Edward Evans
Paul Evans
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The funds in the account will be considered marital property. However, if your spouse is not a signatory on the account, it would be fraudulent to sign your name without your permission. To address your concern, you would need an account in your sole and separate name. This will stop her from legally accessing the funds, but does not make the account non-marital.
Also, if your spouse is financially dependent upon you, you may have a duty because of the marriage for spousal support, medical support, or child support.

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